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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Fedorov Avtomat

Antique assault rifle.

wrestlingfan69 1.0.1 227
Fur Fighters Plasma Weapons

NightHawk 1.1.0 697
Golden Gun II

An instakill, single shot pistol that is made out of GOLD. From 007.

RockyDoctor65 1.0.0 154
Handheld Artillery

CommunistSquared 0.0.0 647
Ion Cannon Mark II

Successor to the original model, now with more appeal and balancing!

Ze Operator 2.0.0 1274

Conan 1.1.1 503

Mr Queeba 0.0.0 768
Laser Trip-mine

An advanced wall-mounted trap that detonates when its beam is broken.

Rally 3.0.0 531
LEGO Revolver

Be the most retro cowboy of 'em all.

Kokobean 1.0.0 77
LEGO Rifle

That one rifle in your LEGO bin.

Kokobean 1.0.3 79