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Server Mods

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Name Uploader Downloads
Port's NewBrickTool with pick function
Port's existing upgraded brick tool, but you can pick the brick you're looking a
TheArmyGuy 476
Death Counter
The amount of times a player has died is shown in their prefix.
Gentle Spy 483
Vehicle Console Editor
Used to increase development efficiency!
NightHawk 520
Blockland Drip
Get among some Blockheads
Conan 625
Mr.Annoying's Hats
My hatmod expansion.
Mr. Annoying 506
Mute Command
Admins can mute players either permanently or for a set time.
Gentle Spy 548
Customizable Health Bar
am I dead yet
Zinlock 626
Better Fetch
Allows admins to fetch dead players and fetch players to their camera.
Gentle Spy 552
Banish Command
Allows admins to banish players to the farlands.
Gentle Spy 542
Wanted System
A wanted/innocent system to determine whether a kill is justified or not.
Gentle Spy 623
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