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Name Uploader Downloads
A SnapBuilds variance of electronics
Hologlaxer 984
Jar of dirt
jar of dirt
remanedur 746
Energy Pickups + Items
Don't forget about that blue bar..
Kokonut 860
The Hunting Vest
A reskin of Jack Noir's hunting vest that offers 50+ hp!
Soviet Narwhal 758
Hunting Vest
Hunt in style
Kokonut 930
UNSC Marine Armors
Halo 3 UNSC Marine Corps Battle Dress Uniform
Ze Meister 1,165
Minigun Jetpack
Take a joyride on one of these babies!
Conan 1,146
Smoke a fag
TheArmyGuy 1,249
Middle finger
Give the finger to anything and everything.
TheArmyGuy 1,050
Birdies for days.
RallyBlock 969
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