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Name Uploader Downloads
Wrench Ghost Bricks
Change the attributes of your ghost brick to modify bricks before you plant them
Jes00 767
Fill Can
Quick-paints all touching bricks of the same color.
Mr.No├čody 1,290
SuperCut Launcher
Supercut and fill bricks with ease
Fastmapler 1,185
Change Ownership
Hand over bricks you own to someone else.
McTwist 1,074
Grappling Hook
A smart, robust grappling hook
Conan 2,017
Hammer of Darkness
Make your hammer dark, like batman.
Gentle Spy 1,185
New Duplicator
Must-have building tool. Copy and modify builds.
Zeblote 9,068
Raycasting Off Tools
Conan 1,715
Arekan 2,836
Conan 2,695
[1] 2