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Name Uploader Downloads
Wrench Ghost Bricks
Change the attributes of your ghost brick to modify bricks before you plant them
Jes00 761
Fill Can
Quick-paints all touching bricks of the same color.
Mr.Noßody 1,254
SuperCut Launcher
Supercut and fill bricks with ease
Fastmapler 1,181
Change Ownership
Hand over bricks you own to someone else.
McTwist 1,061
Grappling Hook
A smart, robust grappling hook
Conan 1,988
Hammer of Darkness
Make your hammer dark, like batman.
Gentle Spy 1,179
New Duplicator
Must-have building tool. Copy and modify builds.
Zeblote 8,880
Raycasting Off Tools
Conan 1,712
Arekan 2,813
Conan 2,683
Destructo Hammer
Jes00 1,656
Silent Wrench
Jes00 1,289