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Name Uploader Downloads
Ogre Playertype
Some body once told me the world is gonna roll me...
Pompmaker1 1,159
Space Patrol Luluco Playertype
Fight for justice!
Pompmaker1 1,177
Anime Stereotype Playertypes
Downloading this marks you as a hopeless weaboo.
Pompmaker1 1,450
Deeeep Shark
It's not a popsicle, it's a top-tier carnivore!
Pompmaker1 1,152
Bulletkin Playertype (Enter the Gungeon)
Bullet Kin are the most common Gundead.
Pompmaker1 1,206
Blocko Parrot (v1.1)
The old and classic lego parrot now as a player model.
BlockAlpha 1,408
Mad Man Player
Are you mad?!
Gentle Spy 1,136
Super Blockhead Player
It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Super Blockhead!
Gentle Spy 1,165
Hidden-Jet Player
This playertype goes with my Hide/Show command Add-On.
Gentle Spy 1,044
One of the biggest dinosaur ever discovered
BlockAlpha 1,329
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