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Name Uploader Downloads
PDA Signals Soundpack
PDA signal sounds
Bvi0on:G.O.D 826
Horn fail sound
Bvi0on:G.O.D 847
Sony Computer Entertainment
PS sounds
Skyboard 812
[Sound] Dial-up
Good old sound
Radio Star 838
Earthbound PSI SFX
A pack of Earthbound's PSI Sounds.
flea 988
Earthbound Overworld SFX
The sounds used in the overworld of the game Earthbound.
flea 964
Minecraft Cave Ambient Sounds
A pack of all the minecraft cave ambiance.
flea 1,063
Back to the Future Sounds
Sounds from the Back to the Future Trilogy
-Luigi- 924
Renderman Soundpack
All the Sounds from the Renderman Mod in a convenient pack.
Torak 932
Various Basketball Hoop Sounds
Swish sounds, rim/backboard impact sounds.
Woyan 912
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