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Tier+Tactical - Explosive 1

Uploaded by Panopticon
Dec 26th 2019, 3:39 AM


Bushido's iconic weapon pack, this time with a fresh coat of paint!

Codenamed "Kai", this update includes a boatload of bugfixes, an overhauled ammo system, and all new preferences for you to play around with. The classic look and feel of the weapons have been left mostly untouched.

Here's a quick rundown:

  • T+T1 ammo mode finally works after all these years
  • New Arena ammo mode: bottomless magazines and limited ammo, for an authentic Quake-Like experience
  • Patched ammo system: no negative ammo or your money back, should also work with SetInventory and other weird item events
  • Lots of preferences, compatible with both Glass and RTB
  • Miscellaneous bugfixes and enhancements
  • Fully working easter eggs

A full description of all preferences can be found at:

Explosive 1 contains:
The Concussion Grenade
The Concussion Grenade is a very, very bouncy grenade that implodes on impact with a player: throwing it in confined spaces is an incredibly effective idea, as long as you're outside the blast radius—it doesn't use fragments, just pure explosive power.

The Stick Grenade
Similarly to the Concussion grenade, the Stick grenade uses an impact fuse for players, but it tends to get stuck in the first surface it hits or fall to the ground. Ideal for deadly games of ring around the rosie.

The Molotov Cocktail
Where the two other grenades work by doing high damage to people within a radius in one go, the Molotov does high damage to anyone who wanders into its warm embrace. By that, we mean, fire. It sets people on fire. Use it on defense for even better results!*

*we mean "more people on fire"


Version 3.0.0

January 10, 2020


No bugs reported.
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Tier+Tactical - Tier 1
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