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Half Arches

Uploaded by RallyBlock

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The add-on file name icon. Brick_HalfArches.zip
The add-on upload date icon. Feb 13th 2018, 11:17 PM
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Fully uv-mapped arch bricks with correct .dts collision.

This pack contains the following;

1x2halfarch 1x2halfarchup 1x3doublehalfarch 1x3doublehalfarchup 1x1choppedhalfarch 1x1choppedhalfarchup

1x3halfarch 1x3halfarchup 1x5doublehalfarch 1x5doublehalfarchup 1x2choppedhalfarch 1x2choppedhalfarchup

1x3x2halfarch 1x3x2halfarchup 1x5x2doublehalfarch 1x5x2doublehalfarchup 1x2x2choppedhalfarch 1x2x2choppedhalfarchup

1x4x3halfarch 1x4x3halfarchup 1x7x3doublehalfarch 1x7x3doublehalfarchup 1x3x3choppedhalfarch 1x3x3choppedhalfarchup

1x2x1archcap 1x3x2archcap 1x4x2archcap

Comments (1)

2018-02-14 23:49:57
Nice I downloaded it