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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Anti Rapid Fire

Lake 1.1 309
Anti-Red Chat/Clan Tags

Prevent edgy players from making their clan tags, or chat, red

Setro 1.0.0 189

Dglider 0.0.0 370
Astral Projection

Astral project and fly.

Bricktronic 1.0.0 59
Auto Item Loading

Jes00 0.0.0 248
Auto Vehicle Clear

Automatically clears vehicles every given ammount of minutes

AI 1.0.0 184

Quickly plate your 4x cubescape terrain!

Conan 1.0.0 196

Visolator 0.0.0 477

A barber mod that uses centerPrint and hairstyles made by Mr.Noßody

Quartz¹ 1.0.0 130
Better ModTer Collision

Almost perfect collision with vehicles, players, projectiles, etc.

Dglider 1.0.0 225