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Name Uploader Version Downloads
Middle finger

Give the finger to anything and everything.

TheArmyGuy 1.1.0 107
Minigun Jetpack

Take a joyride on one of these babies!

Conan 2.0 118
Plate Armor

Protect yourself.

irrel 1.0.1 344
Popcorn Item

Popcorn buckets perfect for a trip to the cinema

EcstaticEggplant 1.0.0 614
Quake-Like Powerups

Phanto 1.1.0 704

An item-based building add-on.

Hologlaxer 1.0.5 78
Staff of the White Mage

Heal your allies! Flee from your enemies!

Blockhead13271 1.0.2 251
Tennis Ball & Rackets

A round of tennis had never been so exciting!

Filipe1020 1.0.0 166
Trigun's Jetpack

A jetpack you can wear without holding the item!

Conan 1.0.0 152
UNSC Marine Armors

Halo 3 UNSC Marine Corps Battle Dress Uniform

Ze Meister 1.0.0 76